☀ Bem vindo a Aljezur

Bem vindo a Aljezur, Monchique e Sagres



Aljezur in de Algarve  … an ancient history

The town of Aljezur in the municipality Aljezur originates from the 10th century and was founded by the Moors. From the ruins of the old castle you can overlook the old town. 

After a severe earthquake in the 18th century the people of Aljezur built their town on the other side of the river. Therefore Aljezur exists of 2 parts with an own small centre. 

Aljezur is original a coastal city with small harbor at the Costa Vicentina, the rough west coast with the most beautiful white beaches.  
The Aljezur river flows to the beautiful Praia de Amoreira. 
It is rare that the river plays with the tide. As soon as the tide comes in, the lagune fills itself with seawater and the water flows back to the sea as soon as the tide is going out again.  
It is a secret quiet place for a swim and enjoy the Portuguese sun. A great spot for the little ones for the water is shallow.  
Bring your own food or order something at the restaurant at the beach. 

Keep in mind that the beaches of the West Algarve are known for its nature and quiet. No full boulevards packed with restaurants and bars, only the pure pleasure of nature.  The Beaches are loved by sun lovers as well as surfers. 

Portuguese kitchen

Still, there are great places at the coast where you can enjoy the Portuguese kitchen like in Monte Clerigo or Odeceixe. 
Or find the best pizza in the area at Arte Bianca in Aljezur. 
The most delicious bread and  pastel de nata you buy in the small snug backery in Aljezur. Choose one of the healthy, freshly made smoothies, soup or sandwich for take away or sit down on the small terrace. 
Besides nice little shops, Aljezur also has a great Italian ice cream shop. 


Are you looking for more touristic pastime then you will be in Lagos at the South Coast within 20 minutes. Visit the big fort, the beautiful beach, or take a walk through the cosy city centre.

Vale Figueira

Close to Casa dos Cantoneiros lies the quiet beach Praia de Vale Figueira, which means Fig Tree Valley. 

It is a quiet beach which you can reach by car or ATB bike (or take a 1 hour and 39 minutes walk through nature and cross the famous walking trail Rota Vicente.