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Liever noar Diever …

About 6000 years ago man lived in the area of Diever. The farmers from the late Stone age built a so called hunebed, a megalithic monument. In the early Middle Ages the settlement of Diever, which means hollow, was founded. The oldest known document where Diever was mentioned for the first time originated in the year 1181. Three miles northwest of Diever still lies a hidingcave from the Second World War.
The center of Diever is a brink (drinking well for cattle) with its former town hall and bailiff house. In 1882 De Vlijt was built. A mill for grinding corn.
In the center we see the original 12th century Romanesque Church of St. Pancratius. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Gothic church gradually took shape. After the fire of 1759, it had to be largely renewed. The church is considered to be one of the finest in Drenthe, mainly because of it’s archers and authentic interior, the sarcophagus dates from the 12th century.

Diever is located near the Drentse Hoofdvaart, a major north-south route for pleasure boats in the province of Drenthe. Next to Diever is the Drents-Friese Woud, one of the biggest national parks of the Netherlands, and a major attraction for tourists.
Since 1946 the local people of Diever play drama’s of William Shakespeare every year in July and August.

Diever is also called Shakespeare-town”. The plays are being played in an open-air theater and are famous in our country. Even in Stratford-upon-Avon it is known that the local people of Diever perform Shakepear’s plays.

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Holiday farmhouse “De Egel” (the hedgehawk are delightful farmhouses with the atmosphere of the past and todays comfort. It is elegantly furnished and decorated, child-save but also equipped with a lot of luxury. Of course you have central heating, but there is also a wood-burning stove. Laminate flooring (in timber decor) makes an attractive picture, so do the beautiful ocher yellow curtains and soft yellow accents on the walls. Panel doors with luxury door handles, the attractive lighting by dimmerswitches, the decorations and plants make you feel at home instantly. You do not have to leave to dine out because you can make yur own wonderful meal in the cozy kitchen. Here you’ll find a gas cooker, fridge and coffee maker, a dishwasher, an electric kettle, a microwave and an small oven too.

Sprawling in the comfortable sofa in the living room with TV, DVD player and stereo set, what more do you wish for.
You can even retire in the authentic upstairs room with sitting area by the wood-burning stove, take out a book from the bookshelf or some light reading form the bookcase or even choose one of the round games. Once again a moment as it used to be, together with the family at the table. And although it might look as if the time stood still in Drenthe … nothing is further from the truth: we just installed wireless Internet for your convenience, free of charge, available on request..

The bathroom is equipped with halogen lighting, luxury taps, a bath and separate shower with thermostatically controlled tap. 2nd toilet with small washbasin (hot / cold water) is on the floor where the cute double bed boxbed (140 x 195 cm. bed) with heartshaped figures (fretwork) in the shutter-doors. You will also find 2 spacious bedrooms upstairs with bedside cabinets and an electric alarm clock, but also a sunbed to provide you with a beautiful bronze skin colour on a cloudy day.

Handy: the washing machine (in the internal storage) and a cart for a wonderful walk in the woods with young children. The beautiful farmhouse has a beautiful landscaped garden with a spacious terrace and lawn. Among the old trees, you can enjoy the sunny garden in which the peace and quiet is disturbed only by the cheerful twitter of birds, squirrels and rabbits in the lawn. It happens that a deer is wandering about in the estate. You can truly meet one of those beautiful creatures yourself when you move quietly at nightfall or early in the morning.

“De Egel “is situated on the edge of the Drents-Friese woud (the next largest forest in the Netherlands) where you can e.g. hike to your heart’s content, cycle, mountain biking and horseback riding. The blue lake, which name derives from the from the sky azure blue color (visible from the sky), is close. This recreation pool where children can play and build sandcastles is still pure and unspoild. Success guaranteed.

You can also use the (modestly) facilities in the center building. There is an indoor swimming pool with paddling pool, allweather tennis court, table tennis, games and a playground on the attic, furthermore various play areas on the premises for the young ones.
Very cosy and also delicious: the restaurant where you can enjoy a drink or cappuccino at the attractive fireplace. At a sunny day there is the spacious terrace for your convenience. Furthermore at weekends and in the holiday season a bouncer is put up for the kids.

We cordially invite you to visit our extensive website. There are many photographs of our holiday farmhouse and the environment, a photographic tour, suggestions for fun trips in the area and much more.

We hope you will enjoy your stay !

Gerard & Yvonne Hoek

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