Fisherman villa Sudersee

How about spending a holiday in an unprecedented manner? Choose the waterfront in super deluxe Fisherman villa “Sudersee”.

“Sudersee” lies on an unique peninsula in the IJsselmeer which ensures you an intense beach life experience.
The wetland Friesland in it’s ultimate form, next to a nature reserve “Makkumer Kooiwaard”, where rare birds nest. Once you arrive, you can almost feel it: this is unlike the rest of the Netherlands. The spoken language is Frisian, but also the signs are. It’s all just a bit different. A lovely landscape with the typical Frisian farms, farmland, ditches and canals, dikes where sheep graze and the ancient Frisian towns really are worth your visit.

Makkum: Gateway to the Zuiderzee.
The name goes back to the Middle Ages and originated from the two locks.
In the arms of Makkum sits a golden mermaid with in her the right hand a sailing vessel and in the left hand a lime kiln. The Golden Age of Makkum started in the 17th century and lasted until the 18th century. This was an important industrial and commercial centre with the stone and tile bakehouses, the mills for wood, oil and paper, shipyards and shell lime kilns.The shell calcareous fire lines were the main pillars for prosperity. This high quality mortar was used in the construction of houses in Amsterdam.

The transportation of raw material and final products went by ship and consequently shipping and shipbuilding prospered. Besides fishing, shellfish fishing was important too. Nowadays, agriculture and nature (cutting thatch in Makkumer Waard) is important to Makkum’s economy.
When we walk around in Makkum the witnesses of the rich history are still visible. Makkum has an urban structure that dates from the 17th century. Especially near the locks we find beautiful merchant houses and houses with beautiful facades and impressive ornaments.

Fisherman villa Sudersee.

It’s time to tell you about your villa, which is very luxury furnished. You would want for nothing more.
The terrace above the water (facing South) with a view to the bridge and on the other hand, the small yacht harbor is very special. Being safe for children too, by the fence with secure gates with standing bars, keeping toddlers from climbing up. By the descending stairs you reach the floating jetty where a boat or canoe can be moored. In case you have a slightly larger boat or sloop, you can moor it for free at our berth in the adjacent harbor. In your garden you’ll have perfect view across the water with the  (silent) electric boats and pedal boats. Such a beautiful view is always fascinating. The  (breakfast)terrace facing East, has an octagonal picnic table and in the sheltered garden sits a couch hammock  which makes it even more pleasant to enjoy the late sunshine.

In wintertime, when the ice is thick enough, you can take to the ice (e.g. ice skating) directly from your floating jetty.  Let the joy begin!

In “Sudersee” you can overlook the water from 3 sides, so you can enjoy the water even indoors.

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You will like the tasteful decor and the luxury equipment which consists of a private sauna, sunbed, whirlpool for two. And a second bathroom but also a 2nd toilet adds to your comfort.
Only first class construction materials were used to built this villa. You can see it in the way the bathrooms are decorated,  in the costly kitchen with the large chimney hood, the marble working top and 5 ring gas burner with wok-ring. Something special is the beautiful thatched roof shaped like a ship.
Also part of the kitchen are the extra large fridge and separate freezer, a dishwasher and a microwave combination oven. Naturally there is a coffee maker and an electric kettle, but also a Senseo coffeepad-machine is at your disposal. In the living room you’ll your own large flat screen TV (37”) with home cinema and stereo set, a teak cabinet with books, light reading and games. There are 2 spacious, comfortable 3-seater banks to relax. Or you can sit in the extra seat at the fireplace (gas fire). Furthermore you can make use of our wireless internet connection (for free on request).
Moreover, even in the winter “Sudersee”  is the perfect place to be because it is a magnificent villa which is proper insulatied and on top of that it has comfortable floor heating.

In the central building, you will find a reception, game rooms for the kids and you can buy great gifts and souvenirs here. The Captains Corner is there for a cup of coffee / tea, snacks or a (take-away) meal. Enjoy it’s beautiful outside terrace in Summer, which is at the waterfront … obviously.

Makkum has many nice terraces, restaurants and shops. A walk along the boulevard in summer or even in winter is great. The beach is a true eldorado for surfers. Moreover toddlers can play safely in the water at the beach, which is at knee height for meters to go. A reassuring thought.

More info on fisherman villa “Sudersee” and the facilities on the peninsula can be found on the pages in our website.
Have you got a moment? Then take an extensive photo tour. You can also take a look at outings page which is full of ideas how you can spend you time in Makkum and the beautiful province of Friesland.

Enjoy your stay.

We hope to see you soon ! (Frisian: Oant Sjen!)

Gerard & Yvonne Hoek

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